Why agile?
Old management methods cause death of companies. Most companies are not able to release product in time. Besides, quite often they don't even understand their customers expectations. As a result - the fall in real incomes and profits and the loss of markets.
If you change managers or order a "Long-Term Development Strategy," it will not change the situation. Such situation shows the necessity of fundamental changes.
Successful companies use several managing methods at the same time. For the usual business operations, these companies use classical management and service improvement with help of Kanban. In departments dealing with product creating and developing, they use Scrum, XP or lean development.
This combination helps to take the best from the usual management, to use the advantages of modern approaches and to get:
  1. Reduction of the product release time

  2. Quick response of product teams to market changes;
  3. Understanding of customers’ value expectations;
  4. Attractiveness in the eyes of young professionals;
  5. Increase in the company's profits.
Any company transformation is a long process with shifts in people’s thinking and a change in the way people work. We offer to hasten this procedure with help of involving experienced Scrum-teams. Our team will not only join to the development of your products, but will also serve as an example for other developers.
Visible result and commitment to share experience will boost using of new practices in your company. As a result, you get double benefit: high-quality development and growth of Agile’s culture.
Do you want truly agile product development?